Suicide Tears, by my_darkest_dayss Subscribe to rss feed for my_darkest_dayss
Posted: 2012-10-05 05:59:16 UTC
My suicide fears
They haunt me and challenge me
And they bring on these suicide tears

I sit and suffer through the emptiness it holds within me
All this darkness, all this anxiety
Blocking me from the reality I can no longer see

It haunts me, it scares me...seeping into my dreams
I cry at night, I scream and fight
Is anything possibly what it seems?

I cut as a release, its stopping me from going too far
But how much longer I ask myself
Before I go over the bar

I'm tired and sad
I feel guilty and all I want is to be dead
My parents they be little me, my peers do to
I don't remember what it was like to be so glad

When this ends I hope I haven't gone to far
I wish to be accepted
By those who are one of a star

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