Posted: 2012-09-20 04:27:16 UTC
You pick me up, hold me between your fingers
Deciding whether to use me
Over your scarred arm, your hovering hand allows me to linger

Where shall I mark today?
You're running out of room
There's a spot, just press me against it and I'll keep your pain at bay

Am I cold against your skin?
You know I won't be there for long
Because the red drops mean your feelings are coming from within

Pull me back, sit and wait
Come on, just one more time
I know you're going to fall and take the bait

More and more droplets I see
Hold me back and think
How many more will there be?

Just hold me back and put me away
Lock me up and hide me well
That's enough for today

You know I'm not going to leave soon
No, I won't leave that easily
I'll always have a way to haunt you in your room

Another day, another night
How much longer
Are you willing to fight?

Not long I hope
You can hardly bare a day
Not able, not willing to cope.

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