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Taking all the blood and TEARS from me, 
u cling onto my life and suck like a LEECH.
Only there when reward is in sight ,
like a VAMPIRE u take it all first bite.

How is it fair you're so happy and FREE ?
no worries, no problems because they are all on ME ....
My shoulders they ACHE and my breath becomes shallow
then there's u creeping outta the SHADOWS.

Tell me you LOVE me but is that a lie? 
are u just too happy staying by my side and causing me

I cry silent TEARS away from them all
but u know about them and do nothing at all. 

My beautiful DREAM now becoming a prison , 
I wish so much how I had listened. 
Sometimes I feel so down I could CRY
because u were my last chance before saying GOODBYE. 
Soul mates forever this is what you say
but will u still love me when I am cold in a GRAVE?
I gave u my heart and I fought for it all
now I feel alone and have NO one at all .

Feel as if love is drifting away and I cannot save us no
matter what I may say. 

I will be strong and do this ALONE, 
but don't come CRYING when you want to come HOME. 
Your eyes full of LIES your heart cold as stone, my eyes
full of tears and my heart BROKEN and COLD.

No one will know the SADNESS in me 
Because I am done crying for all the WORLD to see. 
So take all your PROMISES and go from my side
because life is short and these feelings I can't HIDE . 
Posted: 2012-06-26 13:31:10 UTC

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