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You do not believe it
you call it suicide
But I'm here to tell you
we were given wings to fly
Now it is my turn
to laugh at gravity's face
I will do it, I know I can
I will not be a discrace
Yes my wings bear metal
bladed feathers that do tear
But they are not barbed wire
and I will face my fears
I'm cutting all my anchors
letting go of everything
I'm leaping to the wind,
and I know my heart will sing
I cannot hold back now
it's either leap or die
The time has come to leave my nest
it's my time to fly
Posted: 2012-04-16 18:34:02 UTC

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2012-05-07 21:20:00Natural_beauty_Ashe
Nice I love how you painted a picture nd used the wings as a symbol

2012-07-14 04:04:27P.Paan
Good Job!