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Floating on the blue waters like a pearl
With the beauty of venus
Waiting for the cupid to strike
Anchored in the harbour of Southampton
And looking towards Newyork
With the Atlantic in between
Giving a complex to the Californian and Carpathia
It sure was a rising moon in the blue sky
And a twinkling star on the black tar of night
Its mercurial movements to be controlled by captain Smith
Was it a beauty or a beast
For it looked like a chunk of coal at times

Boarded by souls looking for new pastures
With pride in their eyes and promises in their hearts
Plans in their minds and prayers on their lips
Leaving their loved ones behind
Little did the Titanic knew that its last passenger was
With his magic spell steering her to carry 
Innocent lives towards the jaws of death 
The tip of the iceberg unearthing watery graves 
To bury their dreams under the cold water of the Atlantic
Leaving behind some crying hearts 
Shocking memories and spine chilling tales 
Becomming deathbed for scores of souls 
To lie in the seabed in peace with pluto
Posted: 2012-04-16 15:57:39 UTC

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