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I carry voodoo dolls,
wire bound with stings
I wear studs and chains
and lots of other pointy things
I wear ratty jeans, leather
jackets, and alot of black
I wear leather steel-toe boots
(for strong ankles I do lack)

My hair I wear long
to cover half my face
My brown eyes I keep blank so I 
have no emotion for you to trace

Looking at you I know
you're judging by what you see
If you are then look away
and never stare at me
I hate it when you judge me
by what you see and hear
When you do you never know
how it forces a silent tear

You want me to change
to be just like you
Although When I see you
I never see you true

You are just as horrible
when the day is done
You lie, cheat and steal,
just never in the sun
Why should I be like you,
you pampered pompous prep?
If I had the choice...I'd 
rather catch some strep

I'll be me, as perfect
as I could ever be
I'll keep my style
of saying "screw society!!"

Posted: 2012-03-01 17:45:30 UTC

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2012-05-07 21:08:01Natural_beauty_Ashe
I love this,being like others is boring its always better to be perfectly imperfect :)

2014-02-08 04:10:10Jameela
This just made my day so much better. Thank you