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My family knows I write, 
but am I really an author?
My family knows I've loved, 
but have I ever fallen?
My family knows I have goals, 
but do they know my full intentions?
My family knows I have faith, 
but do they know why I turned to God?

I write openly, 
I write to express, 
that doesn't mean that
I'll have an audience awaiting my masterpiece.
And how do I know it will be a masterpiece?
How do they figure I want to write at all?
I want no such thing, I just merely want my voice heard.
I write so people can open up there ears
and hear me through my glorious words. 

I've loved. Tried giving my all... 
but I can't be sure I ever tried to fall. 
Fallen into the depths of love, security, and
happiness. I doubt I've even fallen. 
But I've had a taste, and that taste 
allows me to believe that in this world, 
love is alive, and I'm yet to find it. 

I have a plan. 
I know what I want in this world, 
I know what I want to do. It won't be easy, 
but that's the point. I want it because it's hard
to achieve. My goals and my intentions are two 
different things. My goals in a way are my dreams, 
but they are all at different levels. 
My intentions are to create a safe haven for myself, 
and for my future family. 

I have my faith. I will never waiver because without my
I can not be the person I am or trying to be today. 
In the past, my life was up and down. There was no
consistency. And once I arrived at a permanent down, 
I prayed my heart out. He heard me, He saved me, He's
continuing to do good through me. 

I write, but can you hear me?
I've loved, but I have I fallen?
I have my goals, but do you know my purpose?
I have faith, but do you know my full testimony?
Posted: 2012-01-15 18:42:52 UTC

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2012-06-10 18:44:45~Angela~
i like it im glad u changed i remember when u used to be mean to [rachel♥] but she doesnt come on here anymore but anyway good poem check mine out too please thnx

2012-09-30 00:59:33!!! A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD !!!
this is good