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Posted: 2011-12-25 15:24:27 UTC
Bricks of puzzle cubes,
and words paying I am the Rook.
Watch my King Laoz's painting face.
While the queen ox stays,
to trade in the draw of an end.
My knights dont care but them selfs,
one shoots the hoop on the court,
one plays the Sega Genisis never old.
Those bishops are the Mormon speak of the begin of the end.
And the poetry that sets up like immortal room.
Pawn of cat lucky and dog fortune were on the edge,
spreading the tales of eternity..
For a great draw once upon a time.
For a loose, loosers serve the winners' divine.
For a win, to remember all friends are lucky to know alive.
As I would love you,
I read you and me's round foe,
across the lands and the seven seas,
to give you a mate I can dream.

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