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Dying the death of 1000 men.
Feeling the pain
of the 7 deadly sins.
I write of God,
but he has left me alone.
I guess I let go,
of my "unbreakable chain of hope".

I believed in his word,
but how can I now?
He has walked out on me
and let me down.

I look but I can not see,
this God, 
that is believe by so many
to be.
He is suppose to lift you up
when you have fallen down,
not let you fall even further,
and stomp you in the ground.

If you can hear me God,
you have taken my faith.
You have taken the 
light from my days.

Everyone remembers all that you did,
what about all that you didn't?
You have let me down,
and you can't be forgiven.

(I have written this poem for a person who has opened my
eyes to a different aspect of our "God". Noone has any
actual proof of him. These words are not of my belief, but I
felt that I really owed the person the other side of
"Unbreakable" which is a poem that I wrote, and I was
heavily criticized over.)
Posted: 2005-05-31 06:24:20 UTC

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2007-05-18 05:20:22Angel of Music
Nice job.

2008-05-04 23:54:33lost in my own confessions
i refuse to belive in god. there is no truth behind his so called "miricles"! there is no such thing. only because a person survives after being shot in the head does not make it a miricle. it makes proof that the one who has treated him to be well trained. i do not belive that there is a certain god that is here to answer our prayers. but there is a battle that will never end. NEVER! if only there was a god. and whats up with jesus? we are waiting for him to come back from heaven to save us all from our death and pain. and yet if we were to go to heaven. then wouldnt that be the same thing as dieing?!?!! think about that one. and i agree. this is a wonderful poem.