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Somewhere in the open
My heart falls through cracks
And everyone sees 
The mess I have made
Empty streets, full of heartache and loss
Regret and shame
I turn my head so you don't see
The black in my eyes and tears 
Shadows cover me now
I wear them for protection
And I walk alone pretending to be cold
I want to feel like others feel
And live each step I trudge uphill
A lonely walk for me without emotions
I reach out to someone sicker
Can I pull you down here?
Where the dark sky never ends
And the stars burn out and fade to gray
It is beautiful here
It is only what you believe it is
My perception of it yesterday was much different
I pick up my shattered dreams and throw them over my 
In hopes that tomorrow will find me fresh
A different day with a different outlook on life
Although I am only fooling myself
The darkness will follow wherever my heart lies
And leaving a trail of hopelessness behind me
For someone else to follow
I walk away
Posted: 2005-05-29 01:12:40 UTC

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2005-06-06 19:54:45Dragonfly
Love this! I love how you express yourself. I can relate to days of gloom and doom...