hear me ( my voice on high), by lance Subscribe to rss feed for lance

cant tell you
how much i love you
no one will ever be
above you
all my tears
come down like rain
as if humming a sweet refrain
i call to you whipsers on a breeze
without you there isn't me
so come set me free

hear me my voice on high
i can see the tears in your eyes
i'll never say goodbye
just hear me,,,,my voice on high

dreams come true if your heart is 
strong i knew you felt it all along
but someday i'll come back to you
i'll have a love that's true

hear me,,,my voice on high
i'll love you till the end of
hear me...my voice on high
just hear me...i love you tonite.
Posted: 2011-09-20 22:45:27 UTC

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2013-06-07 02:16:46jlynnqt
This is really good Lance!!!