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Alone and cold he begged for death,
to take him away into his breast.

To hold him till the pain was gone,
he had suffered for far to long.

He came to him when he was weak,
soft and low he began to speak.

Child of earth do not weep,
the road of life is somtimes steep.

Tis not your time to leave this place,
to take you know would be a waste.

You have no right to end your life,
tho inside the pain is rife.

he looked to him lost and done,
i have no reason to be here, none.

He sighed aloud and lay down his hand,
come with me into my land.

The pain will end but so will you,
if this is what you want, what you must do.

he took his hand and smile slightly,
he laughed out loud, far to brighlty.

he walked with him for a distance,
till he was gone no more exsistance. 

Posted: 2011-07-05 10:02:10 UTC

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2011-07-18 23:44:33Natural_beauty_Ashe
nicely done i like it

2012-05-26 20:51:38Matt J Bond
beautiful, maybe you are his angel and helping eachother might save him. Give him hope and reason to be living. Remind him about the wonders of the world and hold him till he can stand up without falling back down

2012-05-27 22:54:21eleanor maslen
If he lets my :)