He Walked Down The Road, by Mahmud Vellani Subscribe to rss feed for Mahmud Vellani
Posted: 2019-03-10 01:30:24 UTC
He walked down the road
hands in his pockets, head bent as if
in surrender to some dark despair.

He stopped suddenly as if in search
of a sign or reassurance.
He shook his head and turned away
from the crowd on to a side street.
He walked on seemingly lost
and oblivious to the world around.


A sound made him aware
of two childish voices ahead of him
carried clearly on the breeze
one was encouraging his reluctant scared friend
to ride a bicycle
"come on......you can do it......you know you can"

The man stood looking at the two.
Slowly he smiled
which lit his eyes with an understanding
and a certain determination

Instinctively, he squared his shoulders
and turned around and walked firmly
back in to the crowd.
The world.

I looked at him
And at them.

And I wondered.

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2011-08-05 14:42:31My.Lovenote.Has.Gone.Flat.XO
this is a great poem!!!please can you maybe check out my poems??? thanks :) XO

2012-10-22 06:28:36Mahmud Vellani
Hi XO. I did and you write with such emotion. Continue writing and never stop!