He Walked Down The Road, by Mahmud Vellani Subscribe to rss feed for Mahmud Vellani

He walked down the road
hands in his pockets, head bent as if
in surrender to some dark despair.

He stopped suddenly as if in search
of a sign or reassurance.
He shook his head and turned away 
from the crowd on to a side street.
He walked on seemingly lost 
and oblivious to the world around.


A sound made him aware
of two childish voices ahead of him
carried clearly on the breeze
one was encouraging his reluctant scared friend
to ride a bicycle
"come on......you can do it......you know you can"

The man stood looking at the two.
Slowly he smiled
which lit his eyes with an understanding
and a certain determination

Instinctively, he squared his shoulders
and turned around and walked firmly
back in to the crowd.
The world.

I looked at him
And at them.

And I wondered.
Posted: 2019-03-10 01:30:24 UTC

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2011-08-05 14:42:31My.Lovenote.Has.Gone.Flat.XO
this is a great poem!!!please can you maybe check out my poems??? thanks :) XO

2012-10-22 06:28:36Mahmud Vellani
Hi XO. I did and you write with such emotion. Continue writing and never stop!