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Posted: 2011-05-08 09:31:55 UTC

Betrayed-soul strayed
Can not pierce the first recall
The vein
The way
The fool betrays
The red within my tattered skin
It's easier to be a piece of shit...
Rather than a piece to reality
Sinks about the head
Never think about the deathbed
That comes with the bruised tracks ahead

You never cared
You can't care
Cause your fear disappears
Wake up...
wake up...
Time to die
Wake up, wake up
Time is thin
Wake up, wake up
Try to wake up again

Now, it's time to sin
Losers can't rise above losers
You know how it feels to be shown
Your nose, my veins, they are both blown

You need to realize it's okay,
When it's done your way
When you don't wake up everyday

It's the teeth and the brain
That start to decay
they fall apart everyday

Is it because we are down
Sad, pissed off
I don't think so motherfucker
WAKE UP god dam it
Realize that we are all lost

Scared of reality
And the pain that comes with it
It's easier to slowly die
Than to deal with it
Don't stand there and judge those who pierce their pain
While snipping up your brain
Justification we are all losers
With nothing to gain

You can't be prejudice when you hate your everybody
Look at yourself and that piece of shit in the mirror
Fuck it all while it's there
And then catch a ride downstairs
I bet your arms are aimed to the air
Now I'm not any better while in cardiac arrest
For this weak, limp, lifeless frame of a man
Piece of Shit

Better known as a junkie
Get the fuckin gun out of your nose
Standing around the corner
Your kid watches as he grows
This shit goes out
To all those who think they fuckin know
We all know what has to be done
To keep safe our daughters and our sons
For those who hear this and think they relate
Hope you learn and grow
For your sake
Keep that shit out of your arms and nose.

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