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Posted: 2011-05-08 09:30:58 UTC

Every time I get here; it's about the same time I remember why I left
Knowing not why it is I cannot stop the real that is in my head
Keep on going while smoldering all the while
Choking on my own waste,
The waste devours the larger portion of the divided consciousness
That awaits me and my demise
Being a terrorist to many times to my own space
That has been handed to me without explanation
Not one to judge the path of vacation or evictions
Giving in the course of the unseen wrong doing
Known as decisions

It is easy to premeditate oncoming obstacles
It is the improv that brings out the uncontrollable rage
That lives within every living hostage
Not knowing how to maintain the knowledge
The overwhelming sensation of helplessness that just feels right
Being numb follows the real weakness that will surpass the adventure or Perhaps devour the innards of it's subjects

In the end some will find the beginning
It has been the experience of the story
I have played a role in
All of my hollowness is directly linked to my beginnings
Living as if there were no eyes in my cranium
No pitiful days have I consumed
In the part of this darkness
That I have not brought upon myself
Having shaved my head forever
It is in sequence with the tattooing of my limbs
The whole one chooses is made up of a reality
I have never thought it would have such a grip around my human weakness
The mind game of my experience has been up and down
The top that has yet to be discovered
Shame is not part of my rules
In the devoted pursuit of waving my emotions and aggressions
At the scared motherfuckers
The emotions crammed down so far that they may never be released
But pressed into someones face in such a way that it cannot be wrong
Head first into the reality that is fear
Hardships and hopelessness
Are inspirations and releases most of the hatred that has always been down in the esteemed category
But through my punishment to my throat
Dispenses is all I have to offer my fellow hostages
In this land of optimistic greed and control, money hungry, blood sucking ,
Mongrels that don't even have a clue as to what is going on in this fake, fucking world.
We are bound to be hostages until we finally run out of natural resources
That control those who give as the lie to us
Little do they know that there are more of us than there are of them
When I find my purpose in this existence
The will be shown about the real shit
The scores of shit that has been hidden from most willing hostages
Buying into the script handed down, it is time to let them stand on their head just to smile
Vent your frustrations in a way that the hijackers cannot repress it through sounds and screams
Of true feelings.

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2012-05-14 14:35:01DieandBurnit
Those are some really deep emotions and empassioned feelings coming thru. I like it thru the grit of reality shines the abysmal hopelessness of humanity