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Thriving is the ulitimate reward in having Faith  It is to
be in good health, to be prospreous, to flourish   Sometimes
things happen that are beyond our control.  we have to have
faith then and try to thrive in the mist of adversity not
merely survive.  It requires us to focus on the positive.
Surviving leads us to focus on our misery. All thats wrong
in our lives.  Striving caues us to question our faith. We
are supposed to be in our lives, feeling our connection to
the essence of God., the universe. In having Faith, it'd our
inherent nature to feel that eventually our prayers, hopes,
dreams and affirmations are being heard by God. Which gives
us strengh, will, determination to open ourselves up to
positive energy from the universe that can be bestoded upon
us. Having Faith is finding the and tapping into the God
within ourselves. To find, explore, and use our own
abilities. To be able to fight, face and conquer adversity.
Faith in ourselves is Faith in our Godness and in God       
Posted: 2011-04-15 22:50:32 UTC

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