Heaven's for Perfection (Hell's for Fun), by stsorrowscribe Subscribe to rss feed for stsorrowscribe

If you wish a mansion
way above the clouds
Then listen to your 
preachers without any doubt
Then my friend with 
white you will shine
And never will you 
have to hear a whine
Yes it is true that 
in heaven you are great
And I hope you all 
recieve this glorious fate
I will burn in hell
where being yourself is good
Where I can be me 
and not what I "should"
Go on and live in 
rules and restrictions
Where there isn't 
a single confliction
I will live on in 
fire and stone
Where drinking's allowed
and partying's prone
I kiss and I'll dance
with most beautiful demons
Singing what I want
with all the cretins
I'll throw darts at lawyers
and grade all the teachers
Lay on my back and 
laugh at the preachers
Considering the partying
people have done
Doesn't hell sound
just a bit more fun?

Posted: 2011-04-12 19:40:31 UTC

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2012-05-07 21:18:24Natural_beauty_Ashe
Haha it does.....i like this but isnt it fair to say everyone has sinned :) nicely done though