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I am a figure you barely know
completely clad in black
With a hidden love for you
that makes me watch your back
I am always here for you
to keep you safe and sound
In a world, as I have learned,
where many dangers do abound
I have always been there
to put my body on the line
To keep your angelic figure
perfect, and beautifully sublime
Even though I've heard
you never have loved me
So to be two lovers 
I know we'd never be
Yet I can't help, but sit
and watch over you
From the light of the moon
to the mornings first dew
It's become a need i have,
like a painful lust you see
And I know deep down
to keep you is my destiny
So I'll sit and I'll watch
black as a spider widow
I'll watch over you always
as your keeping shadow  
Posted: 2011-02-28 00:17:29 UTC

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2012-05-07 21:37:04Natural_beauty_Ashe are a really great writer