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Someone must write
the sorrow, the anger, and misery
Who better to do it
than a freak like me?
The one whose hated
by all those alive
The one who no longer
has a reason to thrive
Who better to write
the heartache and pain
Than the one who is seen 
as so obviosly plain?
There is a reason
and I'll tell you why
Someone must rise
and open your eye
To make everyone
look all around
To look at the sorrows
that really abound
You can not do it
you have not seen
You have not been
through it, unlike me
Posted: 2017-05-19 06:00:08 UTC

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2011-03-01 01:22:16izzy
wow this is great. everyone is unique, no one is plain.

2012-05-07 21:12:40Natural_beauty_Ashe
Amazing....everybody struggles at one point or another in life, but nobodys struggle is the same....and that sucks