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Where are you little girl,
Lost in the whole of the world,
Like one big game of hide and seek,
But no one know where to find you,
And you were not the one to hide yourself.

Your Mother clutches your favorite toy,
Your Father speaks no words of joy,
Until they find their little girl.

I cry at night, though I never knew you,
And hope that my tears turn to hope
And strength for your mother
And hope turns into paths,
That lead us to you little girl,
With the widest eyes in the whole of the world.

A pretty girl of 4 years old.
On day 10 of the seek.
little yellow ribbons wrapped round
Are always there to keep the presence of you little girl
Until we find you hiding place.

Hold tight little girl,
Let your parents feel,
That there is still a place for ye to met again.
Your little brother and sister know,
But are to young to speak.

Hold tight little girl,
You will be found, I promise,
Little girl,
I'll cry for you tonight.

Madeleine McCann Was Abducted From A Apartment On Thursday
The 3rd Of May 2007 And She Hasnt Been Seen Sense.This poem
is for you,hope you are found!
Posted: 2011-02-26 21:44:24 UTC

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