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Don’t ever make excuses 
For being who you are,
Don’t settle for the nearest
When you can go so far.
Don’t let opinion sway
From where your heart says go.
Don’t let the fears of others
Restrict your journey’s flow.
Don’t listen to the gossips
Believe what’s in your head.
Don’t judge a fellow traveller,
Lest you be judged instead.
Do random acts of kindness,
That ease anothers pain,
Do honour and respect yourself,
Keep trying again and again.
Do tell yourself you’re beautiful,
In each and every way,
Do accept another’s compliments,
And expect them every day.
Do always thank your Angels,
For all they do for you,
Do all of this and happiness ,
Will be yours your whole life through.
Posted: 2011-02-25 15:27:45 UTC

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