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From the beginning
Before you even knew me
You were there helping me
Through my hard times.
While everyone else backed away
You came closer to stay.
At first I didn't know why
But now it's clear to my eyes
You were sent from heaven
To be my angel
We became instant friends
I didn't want it to end
But, alas, we had to part
And from the beginning
I had to start

Years passed by and I
slowly started to forget you
I was put into another place
And amongst all of the faces
I found another angel.
She, too, helped me through
The problems that I had
Fast friends, we would share
Everything we could
Acting silly and having fun
Never embarrassed or need to run

Then one day
A familiar face came
We recognized each other
And our eyes did hover
Until we found out
That without a doubt
She was my first angel.

We reminisced about old times
And the fun we had together
We laughed and smiled
And talked for a long while
Before I realized that something
Was missing
So I introduced the two
My two angels
One old and one new
They didn't quite see eye to eye
On certain things all the time
But nonetheless it was stressed
The three of us were friends of best.

About a year passed before
My first angel left me
One morning I awoke
And she just wasn't there
No one told me where she went
It's like she vanished into thin air
I was sad but didn't fret
Because my second angel's help
I would still get

Time passed over once again
And it was time to leave me friend
We laughed and cried
And said our good-byes
And knew we had to part
Even though it hurt our hearts
As we hugged our final hug
We wished the best for each other
Knowing we would probably
Never speak again
At the same time hoping
That it was all pretend.

To this day I still remember
The friendship that we had together
I wonder where my angels could be
Do they know the effect they had on me?
From time to time I remind
Myself of those times
Good and bad
Glorious and sad
In my memory
They will always be
Like angels in a duet
Those two were heaven sent

Dedicated to Jenna and C.C.

Copyright 2005 JEM
Posted: 2005-05-29 19:24:45 UTC

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2005-05-15 04:09:29 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
Ilike the feeling of this poem

2005-05-27 00:23:56My_pain_your_thrill
This poem is soo touching. And I think most people can relate..really like it!

2006-10-18 21:11:35amithnath
ur poems well expressed