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I see her when I pass myself
wiping the dust off her shelf
She waits there so patiently
But her eyes beg, "Let me out please!"
She knows she'll be let out no time soon
So she sits humming a tune
Of all the things that she would do
If she could be with me too
Steel bars keep her from breaking free
As she wonders 'What will become of me?'
Tear drops fall down from her face
While she's in this cold, lonely place
And as you hear her long to be free
You'll see my "twin" is a part of me

Copyright 2005 JEM
Posted: 2005-05-11 17:59:00 UTC

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2005-05-18 16:47:00Cpick
nicely writen, I like this. I truly understand what you are getting across as well. Nice way of placing words that can be related to.

2007-03-19 05:45:00Angel of Music
Great Job! i really like this one! I can relate bacause I do Have a twin!