I caught a glimpse of black feathers..., by DerangedOne Subscribe to rss feed for DerangedOne
Posted: 2010-12-29 22:57:05 UTC
I caught a glimpse of black feathers...

Fluttering above my blue-black hair

They distressed my innocent eyes

And cast a mournful gothic shade

Upon my plain and sunlit glade

Scared to strain my sight I was

Reluctant to accept the message

When a sound I thought to hear

It was gentle calm and weird

Unfamiliar yet strangely soothing

Was the tone of Ereb's voice

Then his silhouette appeared

And at once I ceased to fear

He greeted me and blandly smiled

Then a few quaint words he uttered:

"Darkness shall present thou lore

Darkness shall present thou aid

But thy precious wondrous glade

Sunlit shall be nevermore."

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2011-05-25 20:29:50stsorrowscribe
wow amazing a Poe fan?