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and i thought
for some odd reason
that things were better
and that maybe
we were on
a better lit path.
that somehow
in my crawling
i crawled to you
and tugged on your ragged skirts
and you stooped down
to listen...
i thought you were helping me up
but i guess i was wrong.
you didn't seem
to be so nice
today in person
when you shot me
the finger.
when you didnt wave
and i didn't waver
to let myself stagger
oh ouch,
how that *fuck you*
hit my heart like
a guided dagger.
i guess,
you didn't see me
about to wave
i guess you didn't see
the half smile i gave.
i guess then
it's really over...
oh ouch.
how i want to scream
and rip out my hair
for you...
it hurts so bad,
the lvoe i wanted,
but never had.


Posted: 2005-05-10 23:59:29 UTC

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