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Posted: 2010-11-09 02:59:58 UTC
you open up and let someone in,
you let them know everything you held within.
when your with them the time just flies,
and when you talked to them you held no lies.
you love them with all your heart,
and all along you wished that what ya had would never part.
you didnt listen when others told you it wouldnt last,
'cause you thought these feeling could never go away that fast.
so thats the reason your left without a word to say
now that you realize that their feelings faded away.
you never expected them to move along without you,
and even though you hate to admit, you know it hurts you.
so you hold on to that lil hope you have,
'cause your still not ready to give up on what you once had.
you take the blame for something you didnt do wrong,
you tell them your sorry and that you've loved them all along.
they take you back but then you realize things arent the same,
you dont feel wanted anymore, and you dont wana feel the pain.
so you get to that point where you decide it's time to let go,
but it's not easy for you so you take things slow.
but dont you worry cause life goes on,
and soon you'll find another to make your heart beat on. <3

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2010-12-29 03:46:26MaryyMurders
aww thts so beautiful