When I Sit, Thoughts Arise, by Distant Lover Subscribe to rss feed for Distant Lover

I sit here with voices ringing in my ears.
My heart is beating so loud that everyone hears.
In my head, all the thoughts swirl.
Here I am, all alone, just a girl.

I sit in this cave of mine thinking about us.
And I think to myself, “There is no need for all this
I love you, and you love me.
My love for you is real, can’t you see?

I sit with friends, and yet I feel alone.
My mind slowly wanders into the unknown.
The feelings I feel for you are too great to hold in.
I feel like sometimes it’s a secret sin.

I sit alone in my room at night.
Whenever I think of you, you appear in my sight.
My heart calls out to yours in hopes to connect.
I feel like this connection will turn out to be unexpected.

I sit by myself, one with my thoughts.
Love is a gamble, so play carefully with the slots.
The voices rush in and out, saying truths and lies.
And all the memories play like a reprise.
Posted: 2010-10-16 01:30:39 UTC

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