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do i really know what love is?
was i ever in love with anyone in the past
did i ever found love.

love is
 laughter ,life , and fun
it should never be fill with pain and sarrow.
it should make u humble and sincere.

love changes you for best
love is not anger
anger is hate
hate is pain
pain is misery
misery is fear
fear is insecurity
insecurty in emptiness
emptiness is loniness

so what is love really
whats your kind of love 
i have foud love and i have lost just the i found it.
Posted: 2010-09-24 19:10:46 UTC

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2010-10-08 19:14:23Althea Bygrave
sorry i try to edit but its not leting me,ANYWAYS THIS JUST SAYING LOVE IS NOT HANGER ITS PASSION NOT PAIN