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Perhaps you have heard of our girls nights
Or perhaps you have not
But no matter the day
We find someway to play
To giggle and gossip and what not

But before I get ahead of myself
I believe introductions are due
But I must forewarn you
To each other we've sworn to
Keep it exclusive so sorry there's no room

First and foremost there is Emily
And for those who know her, you're lucky
She's fun and she's sprite
Puts up a hell of a fight
But all in all is sexy and plucky

Then I must mention Miss Goens
For I fear the punishment should I not
Dont let her size fool you
She'll tackle or woo you
To her indiscretions she'll ne'er be caught

Then the next one might confuse you
But my next girl has quite the pair
Alex knows every language
Sign language to spanish
But speak his body language...if you dare

Last but not least there is Chapa
Oh dear what to say about him
He's dramatic, comedic
But most times strategic
When it comes to who and what please him

This is my rat pack of females
Even though some may have a penis
Prejudice we are not
For our morals are shot
And it doesn't take much to free us

Our girls nights are indeed a bit wacky
Sometimes resulting in a headache
But together we stay
We'll not stagger or sway
Unless a delicious mixer we make ;)

So watch out for us girls on the rampage
Boys, please brace your manhood
We'll giggle and fuck
We're around to corrupt
And we NEVER do what we should
Posted: 2010-06-30 06:54:46 UTC

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