your love killed me , by ~~*~*~~*~*~~ MARY GOOD~~*~*~~*~*~~ Subscribe to rss feed for   ~~*~*~~*~*~~  MARY GOOD~~*~*~~*~*~~
Posted: 2010-05-31 16:56:44 UTC
I’m lost and confused
I don’t know what to do
Now without you

In the shadows of loneliness
I shed the tiers of death

You killed me
You slaughtered my heart
It now lies on the floor
In a million peaces

You’ve brought darkness in my life
I cried myself to sleep
Thinking of the cold heartless man you are

When you made me fall in love with you
You went and broke me
Shattered me
And killed me

My spirit lies in heaven now
But it shall not forget the man who brought it hell

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2010-07-16 07:52:58CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
This is very sad. But i love how you wrote this.