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Promises you made,
are promises you broke.
Promises I made,
are promises I kept.
You promised me something 
and broke it
you hurt me.
you promised you wouldnt
do that..that you wouldnt
hurt me..but you did and do
every time you break one.
I cut everytime you promise 
something and then fail to keep
it. So I think the next time you screw 
up and make me a promise
I'll break my promise-of not
killing myself.. Well you 
screwed up again by cheating on
me after you said you wouldnt. 
Hope you're happy..these are 
my last days on earth. Then maybe
God'll see me and feel sorry
and take me to heaven. God promised
us life and gave it to promised
me your heart and gave it to another girl.
So God take me tonight I dont wanna
live any more..because my boyfriend 
did this to me. So please take me..
I'm begging you..If you dont take me 
I know what to do..
Posted: 2005-05-08 03:05:08 UTC

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2005-05-08 03:07:45*razor_blades_&_kisses*
This is a BRAND new poem I think it rocks but it's about my bf going to prom with another girl(a slut) while I was sick..and he promised me he wouldnt and he promised me so manny things..e-mail me if you guys want on [email protected]

2005-05-18 16:41:26Cpick
Honey, whatever your thinking, boys aren't worth it, and you're quite right, god did give us life, so who are you to take what God has granted...<

2006-12-18 18:10:38Jessica
Wow, I hope this isn't a true poem. I hope its just something that you thought about writing. This is a very sad poem...And if its true them I hope that your getting help for yourself. I understand that guys can be jerks about things [[ everything ]] but please don't take your life because of a guy! Alot of people on this earth care about you and wouldn't want you doing that to yourself!

2009-10-28 01:46:36Moon
I can't explain how this touched me at all. But a very good job.