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Edward Iacona

As I walk the dog each night, I stare into the sky. 
The stars alone bear mute witness to my daily weary sigh 
I still ask the heavens of what went wrong to love that went
I think of the things we could have done but she would not
even try. 

Writing rhymes about our problems is a great temptation. 
No matter our marital pitfalls there were vows of
Heartbreak and richer lawyers are the only education 
True soul mates who have broken bonds are a sad aberration.

Love and trust can be repaired, make it your marriage
Marriage and family live in love and should not seek
So, these words from I who may face life in relative
'Never make a permanent fix to a temporary situation.' 
Posted: 2010-04-20 04:40:39 UTC

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