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                        THE HIGH COST OF LOVING
                                            Edward Iacona
                A divorce is what she wanted, not I. 
                Her freedom, a new life and new route.
                Our loving marriage cost little to enter,
                But so much more to try and get out.  
                Never mind the cost of tears and trauma 
                Caused by her misbegotten mystical journey
                Yet another bitter pill to swallow is
                Dealing with a marital attorney. 

                Their ads give hope and understanding
                Pledging to defend rights without a doubt.
                Until one meets for a consult to find
                That is not what it's all about.

                We speak about my problems
                As they assess every asset,
                Their interest seems to center
                On what they think they can get.

                The talk of my sad situation
                And a strategy quickly fade
                To their more important agenda of,
                How much and how they're paid.
                Shakespeare penned a lethal thought
                For those hired to defend their employers.
                "The first thing that we do," is said 
                "Let's kill all the lawyers!"

                That is a line from Richard The Sixth,
                And while such mayhem should restrict us.
                After giving it some careful thought, I
                What jury would want to convict us? 
Posted: 2010-04-20 04:40:46 UTC

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