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 Edward Iacona

The phrase 'I'm Sorry' you may agree 
Has turned into a social amenity 
We say 'I'm Sorry' more than Brenda Lee 
Which was a hit song for her back in 1960. 

You may not want to acknowledge the damage you've done 
The pain that you've brought to spouse, daughter or son. 
But if you've done wrong you must see the light 
To take a pro-active step to returning things right 

There will remain feelings that you can't erase 
Lost time and memories that you can't replace 
Because of your actions now nothings the same 
Take a look in your mirror and know that there's blame. 

Maybe those words are one's you won't do. 
They may not exist in your new age point of view. 
Or, don't want to hear the anger, it might make you blue 
It's easier to leave your loved ones hurt and askew. 

Just saying I'm sorry is not all it takes 
No magical words to make gone the mistakes 
Begin the road back with those words from your heart 
They do not mark the end but maybe a start. 

Your family's your bond like no other glue. 
A great family we had, can we renew? 
Deep in your heart you know what to do. 
If I can say 'I'm sorry' then I think you can too. 
Posted: 2010-04-20 04:40:48 UTC

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2010-04-23 11:21:00Gabrielle
perfectly said! well done