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             Edward Iacona        

To be a student in your class 
was certainly considered a coup 
All the kids sure wanted you 
and maybe a few mommies too. 

Beyond the Three R's you traveled, 
your lessons laced with mirth. 
You taught of wolves and wildlife 
and conservation of the Earth 

Your teaching rings with wisdom 
of heroes and brotherhood 
Of standing up for justice 
as future adults they should 

Your classroom philosophy 
was easy to explain. 
An ongoing lesson that 
your students should retain 

That in living a good life 
one should never abstain 
from always striving for kindness 
and for always being humane. 

When dark times came to your life 
We listened to all your lows 
We took you in like family 
We comforted your woes. 

Then dark times came to our life 
faced with separation and divorce 
I called to you my 'brother' 
My thinking was, of course. 

I asked that you would mediate 
a union that should not be dissolved 
Your answer to my tearful plea; 
'Sorry, can't get involved.' 

One thinks of all the hearts and minds 
That you touch and reach 
Maybe you should learn from yourself 
And practice what you teach.

Posted: 2010-04-20 04:40:50 UTC

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