PUTTING A THOUGHT OT THERE, by Moxie Subscribe to rss feed for Moxie

                      Edward Iacona

         Putting pen to paper makes 
         Inner voices very clear. 
         Of a desire no longer secret
         For the cosmos (plus one) to hear.  

         Positive thoughts are focused,
         Projected strong and true.
         Encouraged within my spirit, 
         By the joy of knowing YOU.
         Some logic here for you to see,                  
         Although there doesn't need to be.
         Even Mr. Spock would likely agree
         That YOU and I are synergy.

         There's nothing for you to fear, my dear
         Nor anything that will smother.
         Just smile and breathe new essence here,
         We've just begun to love one another.

         A hand to hold while traveling
         This confusing mortal abyss.
         It all distills to two souls as one
         And it all comes down to this. . .

         True intention ignites the ether,
         Twixt rhymes both common and clever.
         I will be the ONE you kiss,
         For now... For later... Forever. 
Posted: 2010-04-20 04:40:26 UTC

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