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           GONE FISHIN'                         
                   Edward Iacona

For the intangible concept of Freedom
There has been many a loss of life.
In the name of her script for "Freedom",
I was forced to lose my wife.

It was her sad solution,
For her personal evolution,
Freedom was her revolution
From loving marital institution. 

In conflicts concerning Freedom 
This struggle really vexes
For I have been re-called to join
The Battle of The Sexes.

Within this forced fed Freedom
There's an aspect that I hate,
Having in common with my children
Of finding someone to date.
There's many an online dating site
Floating on the shining Cyber-sea
With many a lovely lady whose 
Bait is waiting just for me.  

I sniff and write to ladies lines,
Feeling I'd be quite their catch,
Only to find in sad despair that
They think we're no match.

Swimming, searching for the right line, 
To be hooked and then give my all.
But, as I keep getting thrown back,
I think that maybe I'm just too small.

In the matter of physical chemistry
I shrug saying, "What the heck..."
Most gals don't look like enchanted Fiona
And, I don't think that I look like Shrek.

But, when her lure dances by my way,
To her invite I shall not refuse it.
Just because I have my Freedom
I am more than willing to lose it.
Posted: 2010-04-20 04:06:19 UTC

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