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              Edward Iacona

Modern technology's a wonder
Just amazing this I know
If I get lost there's my GPS
That will tell me where to go.

If I am bored at home alone
And want to have some fun,
I can play against Nintendo Wii   
Although I have never won.

For my mathematical prowess
I realize there's no flattery.
But, thanks to my calculator 
I'm as good as a fresh battery 

My cherished old film camera 
Is no longer photographically hip.
Instead it is all about pixels
Stored on a memory chip.

No need to know 'bout shutter speeds 
And "F" stops as in back in the day.
No need to know my elbow
From my ASA

I wonder what auld Scottish
Poet Robert Burns would say
Were he around to take a look
At this our modern day?

O wad some power 
The giftie will sink us.
To own devices that
Can out think us. 
Posted: 2010-04-20 04:04:20 UTC

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