So Why?, by PoetryReconised Subscribe to rss feed for PoetryReconised
Posted: 2005-05-13 10:29:30 UTC
So why do you hurt me,
Please tell me why,
That all do at school is sit and cry,
So she’s pretty, and yes she’s smart,
But the way she acts, she is a tart,
But you don’t see; no you don’t,
I want you to Notice me, but I know you wont,
So why do you hurt me,
You haven’t seen, who I can truly be,
And yes, I will keep shedding those tears,
Until you help me overcome my fears,
So make me better, but when,
Maybe when you notice me again.
And that’s up you,
But until then there’s nothing I can do,

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2007-05-31 21:05:04Angel of Music
wonderful job! - Amanda