Girl Next On Line (song-not done), by StarStarlit Subscribe to rss feed for StarStarlit

Hey boy,
heey boooy,
you say you have a problem with meeee,
and yet you kept on saying on how much ur in love.

And look I just can't deal with thus mess,
and maybe u just have a problem with the way that I dress.

"a litte short skirt,
maybe I am too much of a flirt.
Frizzy hair,
and you don't like what I wear.
And you say that I dress,
so much like that of a mess,
yet you just say it causes you just a bunch of stress...

But look boy,
if you can't accept me,
then you can move over to the girl next on line.
You say you've got others,
and that you only stay for me.
Well I don't care,
if u stay or go,
but if u want,
please do so, 
and move over to the girl next on line.

I don't need you!
So move over...
We are SO over..."

((not done-finish it later-tell me what u think...))
Posted: 2010-05-25 21:06:20 UTC

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2010-03-17 17:49:52angelbaby94
lolz..... yeaa show em who's boss and awesome in this town or move somwhere else lolzzz U ROCK....u will find love lolzz i know it ttylz-good song so far lolz-ily!!!!!!!