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IS, i don’t understand it, Poem?)

Prose speaks:

But no!
I don’t understand why, why you’re so illogical,  I
really don’t.
Oh my goodness.
I’m getting hotter.
I’ll hang forever the phone.
Postpone it for years.
Our conversation about the aisle is going nowhere.
Fears, yes.
We will not survive.
There, dig it darling.
We must still finish our education, why won’t you?
My fears. Hope you’ll think of tomorrow.
How about our food? Our home?
Those things need to be solved first.
These will be  big losses for you and me.
We need a little more than comfort and convenience.
The unplanned future are full of  insecurities and pains.
Let us postpone our love for the next five years.
Now, face it.
Love, be more practical,


IS, now you understand it, Prose!)

Poem speaks:

Oh darling dig it
the not the it
the losses of the big be of will
must  finish the still

full of insecurities  I dont
going getting practical  I wont
the phone hangs the me
the illogical  me
the goodness  in you  in me
the happiness  will be

face nowhere
dig it there
love hotter
yes to aisle
no to Ill
more than five
will be solved   and   we will survive

dont understand
for me unplanned

hang  the tomorrow
next now more how
your   I
more why
my  I
no why
why fears
our years

no must
no but
postpone the fears
postpone the years

the are of our things  in us are IS
the are of our needs  in us are IS
the are of our insecurities  in us are IS
the are of our fears  in us are IS
the are of our pains  in us are IS
the are of our years  in us are IS
the are of these and those  in us are IS
the are in our future  in us are IS

IS  our hope
IS  our home
IS  our fears
IS  our pains
IS  our convenience
IS  our comfort
IS  our happiness
IS  our love

IS  iandyou
IS  our first

2 Sep 2009
Posted: 2010-03-10 05:33:32 UTC

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2010-03-10 06:35:43juvy p
It really twist me, thats what we called poem. Unique form, the substance is there, it makes my mind explore.. feels like exploring my imagery...Very interesting.

2010-03-10 06:55:49juvy p
Very unique poem, unique is my vote,9/9..

2010-03-29 05:13:37baya
hmmmm . . . im not so sure of this poem/prose. . . I do know the meaning of prose is not poetry but just ordinary writing . . . so I must ask what are you getting at??