Don't Say Goodbye, by KK Subscribe to rss feed for KK

Remember from the start
Everything we've shared
Enjoyable moments, 
but now it's time to part

It was out of the blue
You were supposed to stay
How can I live without you?
What a hatred day

What made you sick?
I wish I could help
God took his pick
Let out a yelp

You lie there
Almost breathless
I feel so weak
Also being helpless

I'm so upset 
It's now morning
Your soul finally escaped
You gave me no warning

I stand in silence 
Tears run down my face, 
but I don't feel bad
'cause now you exist only in grace

You'll be in my heart, 
so don't say goodbye  
Just wait for me
Then someday, greet me with a "hi"
Posted: 2010-02-11 21:27:04 UTC

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2010-02-20 04:40:18izzy
you are a really good writer. this makes me think of my ex and the whole situation.

2010-02-22 22:45:27KK
Ha thankyou. I actually just wrote this based off a movie that I watched and left me there thinking. Like it actually felt like I was there and everything was happening to me. Then I just picked up a pen and pencil and wrote this ha. But I'm sorry about your ex :/