heart of the sea, by *+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+* Subscribe to rss feed for *+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*

upon this boat,
on the open sea,
veiwing sights
as far as the eye can see,
i wan't to travel the world,
can't you see?

theres nothing beter for me,
then to be out there,
feeling the wind blowing
through my hair,
watching the waves,
twirling the air,
theres nothing better 
than the heart of the sea!
Posted: 2010-02-03 01:01:05 UTC

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2010-02-04 21:04:20brad1990
wow really good

2010-02-07 21:06:54*+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*
this is somewhat a song. i read this story on fanfiction about this Hanue pirate with a soul and a Heart of the Sea, ( thats actualy the name of the story ), and i came up with this. i don't know whether it's good or not- hopefully not the latter- but this was inspired by it. i hope you like!