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The day I stop loving you,

Is the day I kill myself.

No matter what you do,

No matter how much I cry.

Hating you Is something I could never do,

But that doesn't mean I have to like you.
Posted: 2010-01-31 19:23:10 UTC

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2010-02-04 13:34:38essie
good job summing up sibling relationships...

2010-02-07 21:13:54*+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*
thanks, i got that off of this story i wrote about a sister who disowned her younger sister and told everyone she died in a plain crash, and then the younger sister found her, and this pretty much sums up what the younger sister said to the older sister.

2010-02-07 21:14:25*+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*
sorry, that was kind of long. . . anyway, thanks for the review!

2010-05-05 01:46:45
I agree this is very good! and it does sum up the sibling relationships;) I have seven brothers and I think I understand how these relationships go LOL!

2010-05-06 01:22:58*+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*
lol, thanks! means alot to hear u say dat!