°Death is Knocking°, by xXJoshXx Subscribe to rss feed for xXJoshXx

Death is knocking at my door, 
should I let him in? 
The pain is making my body sore,
where should I begin?
Weakness is here right behind my bed, 
should I give in and let it win?

Demons are whispering to me,
"Oh poor you, whats wrong with you? 
You can give up it's no sin,
you can let him win!"
I'm lying here my body sore, 
with death knocking at my door. 
He comes in and sets me free,
telling me of how beautiful death can be.

Posted: 2005-04-25 09:29:27 UTC

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2005-10-18 20:07:34...
thats deep,but still really good