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I walked up to those olden doors
And I must admit- I laughed
Here, not much has changed of course
I walked forward and through the past

I saw some teachers that I admired
They hugged me and they told of
How much has recently conspired
And how I, as a student, they did love

I saw some dear old friends of mine
Who still seem so young to me
I saw an old sweetheart, for whom I did pine
And I saw others who gave me glee

As I walked through the halls of my old school
I must admit, I misted
In the life I once thought cruel
Now I find Ive missed it

I love my new free life
I love the independence and free reign
But I will say through all new strife
I'm back home, and I'm glad I came

Posted: 2009-12-16 04:25:40 UTC

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