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Posted: 2005-05-13 10:29:26 UTC

I used to think,
I would die without you,
Break down and cry,
And feel I had nowhere to go

I used to think,
I would hide away and never come out,
And cry and cry and wonder why
Why you left me

I used to think,
I would run, run away from my identity,
Run away from feelings,
Run away to cry

I used to be so confused,
I would feel numb, unaware of surroundings,
I would Feel noone would catch me,
When I would break down and fall.

You just left, no goodbye,
No answers, left me to find them myself,
I will keep trying,
Time after time..

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2007-05-31 21:04:33Angel of Music
great job! -Amanda

2008-04-30 13:36:58Ashley Reneë *Raining Tears*
thats great thats how i felt when my dad passed away