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I know you’re over there 
With all your friends
Talking about me

You look, you laugh, you yell
Over in that corner
Pointing straight at me

I understand that you’re angry 
And probably very upset
And all of it because of me

Although it was short
What we shared was special
And it will never leave me

Now, all I want from you 
Is to somehow stop looking at the past 
And go back to the old you and me

I miss talking to you, 
Walking up to your friends 
And not having you ignore me

I miss passing you in the hallway 
And actually looking at each other
Instead of your eyes avoiding me

All want is for you
To somehow find a way to
Forgive me
Posted: 2009-11-09 23:33:26 UTC

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2009-11-13 07:42:20Elizabeth
i love it.

2009-11-17 16:07:23true_poet
Love it!! Very nice =)

2009-11-23 13:26:15Moon
Nice work