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Posted: 2009-10-30 05:18:48 UTC
Our schedules have been so very full
hardly time to catch our breath
always so much to be done
for her and to her and with her
So now what are we to do?

She was the center of our universe
all our lives revolved around hers
its not that we planned it that way
its just how it always was.
But now what are we to do?

When or if we slept or ate
it all depended on her
she was the one that called all the shots
all without ever saying one word.
Now what are we to do?

We knew that she was to good to stay
but hoped she always would
deep inside we know it's better for her
but we are left with no Destiny.
So now what?

In Memory of Destiny Cissell
For her Loving Family


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2009-11-14 06:45:33//Stillsilent//
this is nice

2010-04-01 05:13:02baya
beautiful . . .