If I Did It?, by Angel Subscribe to rss feed for Angel

If I did it would he care?
If I did it would he be there?
I wish I could die.
I don't like to cry.
It's all so hard.
I can't keep up my guard.
I feel like it's a joke.
When he just wants to smoke.
If I did it would he love me?
Would we still be we?
I wish I didn't hurt.
I wish I could tell him how I feel.
Then maybe my heart would heal.
I love him so much.
I melt with just a touch.
But if I did it would he stay?
Or would I be the one to pay?
I am his wife,
But would he give his life?
This is the part I hate.
But he is my mate.
If I did it today,
Would they still be okay?

Angel Ralph
Posted: 2009-10-21 01:19:02 UTC

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